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WILLIAM!  VOX  H"OtBOLDT.                   321
"boys jump out of the carriage, and then the fationed,
anxious mother.^ The eldest daughter had a^aln.
made the journey in boy's attire, Adelheid, the next
one, was only in her third year., and the youngest was
about six months old and seemed not Hkely to live
much longer. The mother had not recovered from
the severe illness she had undergone in Berlin. The
youngest child soon, however, revived under her care,
" and scarcely/' continues our informant., " had our
amiable neighbour been a fortnight in Rome, when,
in spite of her cares by day and night., we saw her
beautiful eyes, radiant with love and mind, brighten
again, her chesnut hair curled round her lovely head,
her cheeks bloomed again, and the expressive mouth
smiled with its charmingly mischievous smile."
The family was soon settled in Rome, so that they
only complained of the smoky chimneys. Dr. Riemer
took charge of the boys ; a German doctor whom they
had brought with them to Italy, Dr. Kohlrausch, gave
his, not, alas! always successful medical services to the
From the first day of their arrival in Rome their
hospitable house was thrown open to their friends and
acquaintance, who were Invited once for all to tea every
evening. The first winter was spent in intimate inter-
course with the artists resident in Rome, especially
Thorwaldsen, Schick, Reinhard, Keller, Lund, and
with -Zoega, Fernow, Bonstetten, Friederike Bron,
and others.
Humboldt himself was also soon at home in the
Eternal City. Alone with his wife, or only accom-
panied by the elder children, he wandered through.
its environs that he might revel in undisturbed enjoy-
ment of its beauties. He refers to this period in one
of his best sonnets, in which he says that two shadows
gliding beside each other are frequently used as a
comparison for intimate union, but that he and Ms
companion were much more as one.
No land excited and satisfied so many expectations
which Humboldt had formed, as Italy.    Not only the